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Playing Nerf games with your children is a great way for your family to bond. After playing a bunch of fun games, they won’t want to put their blaster down to do their homework. If you get creative with your Nerf games, you can incorporate learning at the same time! To get your children excited about learning, try playing one (or all!) of these games during your next Nerf play day:

Math Blaster

Math doesn’t always have to be boring! For this game, you will need a bunch of items to shoot at (pieces of paper, plastic cups, toy army people, etc) and something to write numbers on. Label each item with a single number (you can choose any number, high or low, it just depends on their math level) and set them up on a table. Start by having your child blast two of the objects you have set up. Write the numbers on a piece of paper or whiteboard and let your child add the numbers together to get their “score.” Encourage them to hit the highest numbers possible to get the highest score! This game is great if they have siblings or have friends over as you can set up teams and make a competition to see who gets the highest score.

This game is also extremely customizable! You can increase the number of targets hit to get your child to use more numbers, you can substitute adding the numbers to subtraction or multiplication. 


If your child is beginning to learn how to spell, this game will surely ignite their interest. Write each letter of the alphabet on a piece of sturdy paper (bristol board, cardboard, cardstock, or plastic cups) and tent a handful of them on a table. From the letters you selected, say a word for your child to spell using their Nerf blaster. Let’s say you picked the letters R, M, E, A, T, C, L. You could ask them to spell CAT, CAR, LATE, MEAT, MEAL, RAT, RATE. Make sure they spell each word correctly before moving onto the next level (spelling harder words, including more letters, etc)!

Word Search

If you have a dry erase board, write some easy, average and difficult words on the board. Start by asking your child to shoot their Nerf dart at an easy word and keep progressing to the more difficult words as they get the answer correct. This will help build their confidence when they go to school as they will have a better grasp on the pronunciation and spelling of words they may not have been aware of.

You can also choose different categories and write words that correspond with them. For example, you can write different colours, animals, sports teams, cartoons, etc. 

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