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Let’s face it, characters like Robin Hood have inspired us like anything. If you wanted to ever feel like that, Foam Fighters is the best place for you. Archery tag is a fun filled, active and thrilling experience which uses ‘bows’ and ‘arrows’ to target the opponent team. Something similar to a mix of paintball and dodgeball combined with the ancient combat technique of bow and arrows. If you aren’t too sure why this one is a must-try, here are our top five reasons

No barriers 

Edmonton boasts many places filled with options for kids activities. But archery tag takes the cake as all age groups, including adults, can enjoy this one. If you are looking for things to do with your kids in Edmonton, this one must top your list. Archery tag is painless, safe and super fun especially giving you the opportunity to become a kid with your kids. Just one strategy ‘Have Fun’ works for everyone.

What if there is ever a zombie apocalypse

We are not trying to scare you, but imagine if you were one of the last survivors on this planet. Wouldn’t it be a good skill development gig for you? Archery is one of the oldest hunting techniques and to learn what it takes to survive, that too in such a fun and safe way, it’s really compelling.

Activity for a birthday party

If you have ever wondered what to offer for your kids birthday party and have virtually visited every other place in Edmonton, why not plan an archery tag game instead of a full blown party. You get to enjoy it and your kids get to enjoy it as well. It’s a win-win!

Corporate event

How about planning an actual battle with archery tag to get rid of some good old office rivalry? Archery tag is a great stress buster, team building activity as well as ice breaker, if you have a new team. Most archery tag arenas will offer competitive rates and customized tournaments that will fit your schedule. Make sure to contact Foam Fighters to develop a customized challenge for your next team building activity.

Guaranteed workout

Ever wondered if there was a fun way of shedding those extra pounds? Archery tag means you have to run, fight, maneuver and conquer. Not only will you get that adrenaline rush, but will also lose some serious pounds in a super fun style.

Reliving the moments

If you have ever been fascinated by Neytiri in Avatar who was running with a bow and arrow, it’s time to relive some of that fascination at archery tag. Experience the thrill and excitement of  hunting and conquering for there is no bigger thrill than mimicking your favourite character.

Still not convinced about archery tag? Call Foam Fighters today to know how you can relive your imagination. Whether it is a family activity, corporate activity or a team building exercise, any excuse is a great excuse for archery tag. Contact our team for a customized battle or activity plan.