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Nerf blasters have been around since the ‘70s and are still as popular as ever today. Nerf has been able to stay in the limelight for decades. There are many popular kids’ YouTube channels (such as PDK Films and Aaron Esser), making videos about epic Nerf battles; most of which amass millions of views and subscribers from their younger audience. It’s no wonder Nerf has remained so popular with kids these days!

There’s nothing more satisfying than hitting a target, especially if that target is your best friend! And no need to worry about injuries, unlike in paintball, Nerf darts are super soft even when going at high speeds. No bruising and no tears here!

Even though Nerf blasters are made of plastic, they still manage to give you that authentic feel of a real shootout because of the attention to detail and the way they are crafted. Nerf wars blasters come in all shapes and sizes, and even have additional accessories or attachments, making customization truly endless. This means that no matter how many times you go into battle, you can have a completely new experience, depending on your weapon loadout of choice. Or you can stick with what you know and try and perfect your battle technique each time to become king of Nerf Wars among your peers. The best part is, operating and reloading weapons is made quite easy so kids are able to do it on their own after some short instruction. It’s grab and go from there!

Popular online games like Fortnight and PUBG have become favourite pastimes for kids as well. Why not take them to a Nerf arena so they can spend less time on the internet? It’s a great way to take something they enjoy doing into the real world. In a safe environment like the Nerf arena, children can run around and burn off some of their energy. Exercise is important for everyone at all stages of life.

Luckily, with places like Foam Fighters in Edmonton, you don’t need to go out and buy your own gear or have to trash your own house like in many of these YouTube videos. Foam Fighters features an indoor Nerf arena where your children can go crazy and re-enact the epic Nerf fights they watch online. Or if you’re feeling up to it, you can even join in on the fun with your whole family.

Whether you’re looking for a fun kids activity idea for an afternoon, or you want to book for a special occasion like your Children’s birthday party, you can drop by or call us today. We’re positive that after your first Nerf battle, you or your kids will be itching to come back for more!