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If you are one of those who can’t get enough of Rampage, the Retaliator, and the Vortex Nitron, like us, you are also a Nerf Gun addict. Nerf Guns are an in-demand toy for people of all ages! For those of you who have been wondering what other games you can play with your Nerf Guns, keep reading!

The Tin Can

Stack up empty cans, tins, or plastic bottles on a table a few meters away. Line up competitors (read shooters) and get ready to knock them off; the person who knocks all of their cans off first wins!

Capture the flag

Place a flag or object at the end of the yard and have two teams play against each other to capture the flag. Players who are hit with a Nerf dart can head back to their base or starting point.


Thus, every person for themselves or team games can be very engaging. By limiting the power to only a six-shooter, this game lasts for longer and can develop your accuracy and skill.

Protect the “baby”

This can be a two-team game where one team is the protector and the other is an assailant. Place a toy doll that has to be protected. The protectors aim to pass the baby to a designated safe spot while getting attacked by the assailants. However, the assailants can only shoot the protectors. If the baby is shot they are eliminated.

Nerf Guns Freeze Tag

Freeze tag can always be a super fun game, especially with the addition of dart guns. This game will need at least four players and everyone can have a Nerf guns. If you are shot by another person, you freeze. To be unfrozen, you will need someone on your team to tag you.

The big Nerf Water Balloon Challenge

This game best suitable if you are playing at a park or in your yard. Arrange a water balloon on a table at a distance and aim to shoot it. You can try a variety of variations like which team shoots the most amount of balloons in 10 secs or between players. You can also make combinations like getting two different colours of balloons and each team is allowed to choose the only specific colour of balloon they shoot. You can also toss the balloons in the air and hit them before they reach the ground.


This is a two-person game where the shooter, or gladiator, is placed on high ground and has to eliminate the competitor who has to pass an obstacle course without getting hit by a Nerf dart.

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