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Creating a Nerf game battle is very serious stuff! You will want to have the optimal set-up for success. While it may seem like a difficult task to create a battlefield that everyone will enjoy, it’s a really fun project that the whole family can get in on. You can use any materials to transform your backyard into a battlefield. Most times, all you have to do is provide the materials, and your kids will do the rest. There are no rules, except you have to be creative. Below, we give you a step-by-step template on how to create a Nerf game battlefield for your next party. Remember, these aren’t concrete rules, you can (and should) venture off and create your own unique field! 

What you need: 

  1. Nerf Blasters 
  2. Double AA Batteries 
  3. Water Balloons (optional) 
  4. Boxes
  5. Tables 
  6. Tape 
  7. Tires 
  8. Chairs 
  9. Tarp 


Step 1: You should unbox your nerf blasters and put in the batteries – as they will not operate without them. 

Step 2: Get to building your blaster! Some Nerf blasters have more than 30 combinations, including drop group and dual rail barrel. Some Nerf blasters, such as the NERF N-Strike Modulus Blaster, can launch darts more than 50 feet away!

Get creative and test out many combinations while assembling whichever Nerf blaster you have, because the real fun is yet to begin! 

Step 3: Now it’s time to build your battlefield. Use boxes, tables and chairs to create mazes and forts. Get as creative as you’d like to create the ultimate battlefield. Create teams, draw targets on boxes, stack tires, create a shootout box for target practice — the possibilities are endless.

Step 4: If you decide to have water balloons, you should put them in the centre of the battlefield or maze, as it will make it a super fun challenge to get to them. If someone decides they want to get one, they have to risk it all! Not only is there a chance to get hit by a dart, but also taken down with water from multiple angles. 

You’ll have to strategize and create a game plan by yourself or with your team. 

Step 5: This is the final and most important step — HAVE FUN! It’s not every day that you get to create your own physical game — let your imagination run wild, set your own rules or have no rules. The choice is completely up to you, which makes the game that much more fun. 

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