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When it comes to Nerf blasters, most of them are designed to be used by kids older than six years old. So if your kids are younger than six, their dream of becoming a master blaster may be squashed even before they have begun. Thankfully, with specially designed Nerf blasters that contain specific features that enable younger children to easily shoot, reload and play Nerf sports safely, younger kids no longer have to wait until they reach a certain age to pursue their Nerf passion.

The three main features of Nerf blasters for younger kids include smaller size, lighter weight and easy operation. Choosing the right size and weight is extremely important. After all, the last thing we want is our kid finding it impossible to play freely, struggling with their new toy. This is why choosing a pistol style Nerf blaster may be the best option. Pistols will be much lighter and easy to carry and maneuvre for younger kids. For example, consider the Nerf Microshot Blaster. It is a recommended Nerf blaster for children four years or older and has numerous new configurations which make it more enjoyable. It is quite simple to load and use. It uses one dart at a time and fires a basic shot. Since this style weighs less than half a pound, any toddler can use it safely.

Another thing one needs to consider is the ease of loading the blaster. If your child has to come to you after every single dart firing to help them load the blaster, it will make the play much less enjoyable. When choosing a blaster for your child, make sure that you buy a Nerf blaster which can be easily loaded without your intervention. Usually, front load pistols work the best. For instance, the Firestrike Pistol is known for its ease of loading wherein the player needs to load the darts right in the blaster barrel and the play can begin.

If the blaster has too many steps to begin operating, it might make your toddler impatient. After all, patience is not really a virtue that kids would have developed until a much later age. The Nerf blaster that you pick for your younger kid must be easy to operate and fire. The Firestick Nerf blaster is extremely easy to operate as once loaded, your kid has to simply use the priming handle located at the back of the blaster and it will be activated.

There are many other minute details that need to be checked and assessed before you choose a Nerf blaster for your child. If you are not sure what to look for, contact Foam Fighters, best Nerf blaster arena also featuring many other kids activities in Edmonton. Many Edmonton families also choose Foam Fighters as a popular birthday party location for their kids.