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General Information

Do we require indoor shoes?

We recommend indoor shoes, but you can also wear socks in the arena.

Is there a viewing area to watch the kids play Nerf?

No there isn’t but parents will be allowed into the arena 5 minutes before the game is over to take photos.

What age group is allowed to play in the Nerf Arena?

We recommend ages 6 and up but age 4 and 5 years old may require the help of a parent. We also have games catered towards teenagers to adults.

Do you mix the age groups?

Yes we have 3 categories.
The kids that are 5 and under.
Age 6 to 10
Age 11 and over

How early can we come?

15 minutes before is recommended in order to check in at the front desk.

Do we need to bring in Nerf blasters and darts?

All the equipment is provided. Safety equipment, vests, blasters, darts are all provided.

Can we bring in our own Nerf Blasters?

Yes, however we only use the Elite darts. Not the Mega Darts.

Is there someone supervising the games? How does the Nerf work?

There is a Ref in the arena. Games will be run according to the age of the players. Refs will try to play 2- 3 mini games each 15-20mins.

Are the parties private?

Only with the Private Arena Package for Nerf. Gamers Lounge Packages are Private.

What is the capacity of the arena?

25 people

Are drop-ins allowed?

Yes, it is best to call ahead to ensure that there is space in the arena/gamers lounge. If the arena is at capacity or booked privately, the drop-ins will need to wait until another available time. If the Gamers Lounge is booked for a party, the drop-ins will need to wait.

Cost is $23 + GST per hour per player for Nerf. $18 + GST per hour per player for Gamers Lounge

Where can we find the waiver forms?

Click Here

Where can we get the invitations?

Southside Here 

Northside Here

If we need to cancel, do we get our deposit back (refund)?

The deposits are non-refundable. You can postpone your party and we will hold on to your deposit for a later date.

How much is the deposit?

For Mini, Basic and Deluxe package, the deposit is $50.
For the Private Arena Package, the deposit is $200.
The Gamers Lounge Package, the deposit is $50.
If doing a Nerf and Gamers Lounge Package together, the deposit is $100.
For Drop-ins, take a deposit any where between $20 to $50 deposit.

What if we have more or less players than on the invoice?

We will do the final head count on the day of the event and make the changes to the final balance.  For the “Private Arena Package” the package cannot be changed unless notified at least 2 weeks in advance.

When adding more kids we must be notified ahead of time to confirm we can accommodate the extra players.


Nerf Party Packages

Can we have more than 10 people for our Nerf party? What is the additional cost per person?

Yes, it costs $23 for each additional player up to a maximum of 25 players, but we must be notified ahead of time to confirm we can accommodate the group size.

Northside Location 

What's the difference between the North location and South location?

The Northside location is located inside Shriners Hall – 14511 142 St NW and is not a permanent location like the Southside one.  There are inflatable obstacles instead of wooden ones.  There is no kitchen onsite and no seating area for extra guests.  There are tables and chairs set aside for the birthday person and their guests that are playing.  The maximum capacity is 18 players versus 25 in the Southside.  Food can be brought in or ordered in.  There is no plates or cutlery available onsite so each guest must remember to bring their own.  The NERF Game is still 60 minutes (run by Foam Fighters staff) and 45 minutes at the party table afterwards.

Gamers Lounge Packages


What games do you have in the Gamers Lounge?

We have a variety of games for ages 7 and up, ranging from Minecraft, Mario Cart, Rocket League, Roblox, Fortnite, Sports Games, plus much more. Give us a call or email if you are looking for a specific game.

How do I add a Gamers Lounge to my Nerf Package?

Take note of the party room end time for your Nerf Package. Select that time for the start of the Gamers Lounge Package.  Feel free to call us at 780-503-0204 if you would like help adding this on.

Do I get a room after the Gamers Lounge Package?

There is NO party room with the Level 1 Gamers Package.
There is a party room included with the Level 2 Gamers Package. You get the party room for 45 minutes after the group is finished in the Gamers Lounge.

How many people can play at the same time?

We can fit up to 20 people in the Gamers Lounge. They will need to share screens for the larger groups.

Do I need a waiver form for the Gamers Lounge?

No. Waiver forms are only needed when playing in the NERF Arena.

Party Room Questions

Are we allowed to decorate the room?

Yes, but only scotch tape. No sparklers/glitter, no confetti and no piñatas are allowed. We do not decorate the rooms. Any decorations must be taken down after your party is done.

Can we get into the party room earlier?

No. We usually have parties right after another. We will get people into their party rooms as soon as they are available. We cannot guarantee a room for you when you arrive.

What time can we get into the party room?

About 15 minutes before your group ends in the NERF Arena or Gamers Lounge.
We try to get you in as soon as possible. But you normally don’t get the room until after the Nerf Battles or Gamers Lounge.

Can we pick which party room we want?

No. It is dependant on the size of your party and timing.

What if I don’t need the Party Room? Does my package price get reduced?

If a party room is not needed, you can book your group as Drop-ins instead.

Can I add a Party Room to my booking?

No, party rooms are reserved for Party Packages only.

Can I get extra time in the Party Room?

No. We require time to clean out the rooms between parties and/or for the end of the day.

Food Related Questions – No Kitchen Onsite, Outside Food and Drinks are Welcome


Can we bring in our own food?

Yes you can you will need to supply your own cups, plates, etc.

Do you have a fridge or freezer I could use?

Yes we do.

Can you cook or warm up my food?

No, due to AHS regulations.

Do you supply plates, forks, etc?

No, you will need to bring your own plates, cups, etc…