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Budget-Friendly Nerf Birthday Party Ideas

A Nerf Battle is a very popular birthday theme, and if you want to throw this type of party, the following guide will provide you with budget-friendly ideas you can consider. You don’t have to spend a fortune to throw a successful party, and it is possible to throw an awesome Nerf birthday party on a budget.

You can start by creating your own bases and targets, and the right supplies will allow you to create the perfect battlefield. This part of the planning process will take the longest, so start early to ensure everything is ready. Making targets and bases at home will save you a ton of money, and you can use pool noodles, which are very inexpensive. You can cut them to create the target size you want, and you can print target labels to stick on the noodles. You can also use empty cans of Pringles, which you can wrap with coloured paper. These targets can be placed on ladders, trees or boxes to create different levels for the guests to shoot.

Kids will need to hide and duck during the Nerf Battle, so you will need large empty boxes to create a battlefield, which can be in your basement or backyard. Collect boxes of all shapes and sizes and use spray paint to create a camouflage appearance. Don’t forget to tape a group of boxes together to create a base for each team where they can gather and hide.

In terms of supplies, the kids will need Nerf blasters, and you can purchase these, which can also serve as goody bags, or you can ask each guest to bring their own Nerf blaster if you know they have them. Take a good look at your budget and guest list to decide whether you want to buy this item or not and proceed accordingly. You will also need Nerf blaster darts, and these are affordable, which is great because you will need a lot. For storage, canvas tool belts are perfect because the kids can use them to hold their darts, and they are very affordable and practical, so you can hand them out at the party. Safety has to be prioritized, so you will need safety glasses to protect your eyes, and these can be ordered in bulk, so you will stay within your budget.

No party is complete without décor, so you will need orange, green or camouflage tablecloths, and some balloons. You can also buy plates and napkins in these colours to complete the theme and can hang streamers to add to the décor. You can be as creative as you like and can even tape Nerf darts around the house, which can act as streamers.

If you prefer to host your party at a venue, Foam Fighters can help. We can help you throw the perfect children’s birthday party and have plenty of kid’s items and activities, including Nerf blasters. If you are in the Edmonton area, contact us today!

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