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If you or your child are into Nerf wars, a Nerf birthday party is a must. This is a very fun theme that both adults and kids will enjoy, and this guide will help you plan the perfect party.

There are so many ideas you can consider for this theme and you’ll have to think of Nerf party games, supplies, bases and party favours. Start by creating your bases, battlefield and Nerf targets because these are time-consuming, so it’s important that you complete these in advance. You can turn your backyard or basement into a Nerf war, and you can use pool noodles, Pringle cans or cardboard boxes for your targets. You can paint them or cut them to your liking, and printable targets can be applied or wrapped around the targets. You can prop your targets on ladders, trees or boxes to offer different shooting levels.

This type of party will require a battlefield and bases so that kids have places to duck, hide and blast. Gather large and empty boxes a few weeks before the party and try to find ones that are different shapes and sizes. Purchase spray paint and use them to decorate the boxes so that they camouflage. You must then group boxes together and paint team names on them so that the kids can be split into groups when they arrive.

Next, you’ll have to make sure you have all of the necessary supplies, including Nerf blasters, canvas tool belts, safety glasses, and Nerf darts. You can rent these items or you can purchase them depending on your budget. Canvas tool belts are a great idea because they can hold Nerf blaster darts, so the kids won’t have to stuff them in their pockets. These are very practical and also very inexpensive, so they will be easy to find. Safety glasses are a must because it will protect the children’s eyes. When it comes to Nerf darts, you will need to buy a lot of them because kids will go through them fast. What’s great about these items is that you can give them to the kids as party favours, so you won’t have to worry about loot bags.

To help bring this theme to life, you will need decorations like camouflage tablecloths, plates and napkins. You can also hang blue and orange streamers or tape Nerf darts around the table, and you can be as creative as you like. You can even add games like capture the flag to your Nerf theme and can customize the party to your liking.

These are just a few ideas you can consider if you are planning a Nerf birthday party, and regardless of what you do, this theme is sure to be a hit, and every guest will have a great time. If you prefer to host your party at a venue, Foam Fighters is the place to go, and our staff will ensure your party is both fun and exciting. If you want your next party to be a success, contact us today!