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Even though NERF has been around for decades, there are still quite a few things their customers might not know about them. To shine a light on the people that produce toys that bring joy to both kids and adults, here are nine things you probably didn’t know about NERF.

Hasbro HQ testing facilities are a blast

Would you like to work for a company that lets you play around with the merchandise? Well, that’s exactly what NERF employees do! With a large warehouse, they test out a variety of products and environment simulations for improvement purposes.

Some NERF guns are wicked fast

While most NERF guns can shoot darts at around 30mph, the NERF N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster was able to shoot darts at 50mph. Now discontinued, it was as fast as the fastest recorded speed for an adult lion.

It started with a ball

In 1970, the world’s first official indoor ball was introduced: the NERF ball. It was a four-inch ball that was designed to be thrown indoors without damaging lamps, windows or people.

The NERF gun was introduced much later

It took NERF about 20 years to introduce the NERF gun it’s famous for. They were focused on sports for a long time, until 1992 when the NERF Sharpshooter came on the market as the company’s first dart blaster.

NERF materials are magic

NERF darts are manufactured with safety in mind. The materials used, a polyester resin and a compound found in carbon dioxide, create an incredibly light polyurethane that won’t puncture the skin.

They make a lot of darts

That’s an understatement. In one year alone, NERF makes over 445 million darts. That means that, since NERF darts were first brought to the market, the company has made over four billion darts. In the past five years along, enough darts have been made to circle our entire planet four times.

They’ve gone through a lot of slogans

Over the decades, NERF has gone through almost ten different catch phrases as the company expanded. Some of these include “It’s NERF or Nothin’,” “There’s only one NERF,” and “Get real. Get NERF.”

George Clooney is a NERF fan

It’s been said that on the set of “Up in the Air,” Clooney liked to prank his fellow c-stars by throwing around NERF balls every so often. Similar accounts have been made regarded another one of his films, “Ides of March,” in which he switched to using a NERF gun.

They make more than just guns

While NERF guns are definitely their most popular product, this company has created a lot more ways for kids and adults alike to have fun. They have NERF balls, drones, frisbees, bows, footballs and battle axes in their arsenal.

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