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Keeping teenagers happy is not always easy, especially when it comes to their birthday parties. Their idea of fun can be hard to understand, but there are certain themes that will always be popular. If you have a teenager whose birthday is coming up, the following are some unique party ideas you can consider:

Nerf War
Every teenager loves this idea, and the party will definitely be a hit if you incorporate Nerf games. Your teenager will get to run around and have a fun battle with all of their friends, and you can have targets in place for them to find using their Nerf tools and gear. This will provide hours of fun and entertainment, and there are a ton of Nerf packages available in party arenas or for rent, so you can bring the Nerf party home. Whichever option you decide to go with, it is a guarantee that your teenager will be happy, and they will thank you for thinking of this very cool theme.

Scavenger Hunt
If you have a teen who loves to explore, you can throw them a scavenger hunt themed party. What is unique about this idea is that you can base the hunt on your teen’s preferred items, so you can be as creative as you like. You can have a classic scavenger hunt or can change it up because there are no rules, so you can really customize this theme. You can hide items both inside and outside your home to force your teenager and their friends to go outdoors. You can include snacks and drinks in the hunt as well, which will ensure enjoyment for everyone.

Movie Night Outdoors
This is a great idea if your teen wants to keep their birthday party light and cozy. If the weather allows for it, you can host a movie night in your backyard with your teen’s favourite movie. Whether they choose a horror film or a comedy, the lights and the big projector will make for the perfect evening. You can give out warm blankets and prepare tasty meals and snacks that they can enjoy throughout the movie. Your teenager will love this idea because it will be like bringing a movie theatre into your very own backyard.

Beach Party
If your teenager has a birthday during the winter, you can still take them to the beach…inside! This is a very cool idea that everyone would get a kick out of, and it can be very fun and unique if you throw this party during the cold winter months. You can serve colourful fruity drinks, have beach balls everywhere and place towels around your home to set the tone. Your teenager will have a blast, and they will get a little taste of summer despite being born in the winter.

Foam Fighters can help you host the best birthday party for your teenager. We offer Nerf games and Nerf blasters, and a number of other fun and exciting kids activities, so if you are in Edmonton, give us a call today!