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3 Ways Your Kids Can Learn From Nerf

Nerf games are fun and exciting, and most kids will have a blast. If you want to add an educational component, the good news is that you can because there are plenty of learning opportunities for kids, and the following are just some of the ways your kids can learn from Nerf:

Math Games

If your child isn’t the biggest fan of math, Nerf can change their perspective! All you need to do is set up plastic cups, pieces of paper, toy figurines or anything else you think is appropriate. You will need to label each item with a number, after which you can set them up on a table or around your home. Every time your child shoots at a number, ask them to write it down and once the game is over, ask them to add up the numbers to figure out their score. This is a great way for them to learn math because they will be learning without even realizing it and will have fun when doing math. You can take it up a notch by turning it into a competition to see which family member gets the higher score. Learning through Nerf will ensure math is never boring!

Letter Games

Similar to numbers, Nerf can also help kids improve their knowledge of the alphabet. You can write letters on plastic cups or sturdy pieces of paper and arrange them in a tower. Using their Nerf blaster, your child can spell a word using the letters that are in the tower and every time they spell a word right, you can move them to a higher level by adding in more cups and more letters so that they can target and spell longer words. To make the game more fun and engaging, start with a small tower consisting of only a few letters and work your way up to a bigger tower that includes every letter of the alphabet.

Word Games

Write a bunch of different words on a bristle board or giant piece of paper, and have your child pronounce each word before they shoot at it. You can write words that are easy, average and difficult to make the game more challenging and can ask them to target a specific category. This is a great way of helping your child expand their knowledge while also improving their pronunciation of words they find to be hard. It is a very fun way of learning, and your child will not feel pressured, so they will want to learn more when they are enjoying the process.

Nerf games can be both fun and educational, and your kids will have a blast! If you want your child to have a memorable experience, Foam Fighters can help. We specialize in Nerf games, and Nerf guns activities for kids so if you want to plan a successful birthday party and are in the Edmonton area, contact us today!